Thursday, October 21, 2010

Photo courtesy of Terra Nova

Perhaps my favorite restaurant in Glassboro, Terra Nova offers an array of tasty dishes, top notch service, and a suprisingly sophisticated atmosphere. This restaurant is sure to satisfy with an extensive wine list and an assortment of Nappa Valley inspired dishes. I particularly enjoy the small plates. My favorite item to start off with is the harvest platter. It includes different high quality meats and cheeses- and it's delicious. My favorite entree is the sonoma skewers. It's jumbo shrimp, filet mignon, chicken kabobs, achor steam barbecue glaze, arancini stuffed rice ball on a skewer. You will love it. I love to end my meal with a dessert- there are so many to choose from! I usually choose a cup of expresso with a creme brule dessert. With so many choices all in the cusomers hands, you can choose an entree or even split a variety of different small plates. Either way your sure to love Terra Nova.

A good restaurant I tried this week is Villari's Lakeside. Its located in Sicklerville, NJ on Sicklerville Road. The restaurant sits beside a beautiful lake, with gorgeous landscaping. Though a little too cold for it now, they offer outdoor seating when the weather is nice. The atmosphere inside it good too, it is well lit and spacious. Villari's is more of an italian restaurant although they do offer other types of entrees as well. They have an extensive menu for lunch and dinner and always offer specials for the upcoming holiday. My favorite entree there are the twin lobster tails & the twin crab cakes. They are cooked to perfection and have crab caked have just the right amount of flavor. My boyfriend had the rack of lamb, which he said was tender and flavorful. It also is not that expensive. I definitely recommend this restaurant for a delicious quick meal or even for a good family gathering.

Photos courtesy of Villari's Lakeside

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Don Pablos- "Big Tex Bold Mex"

Don Pablo's is a mexican restaurant located in Deptford, NJ. When you walk in the atmosphere is great, its fun and enjoyable. It is also really loud. The staff is very friendly and you are seated immediately. It's like a high class mexican restaurant without the high class price. Anyway, about the food. They start you off with nacho chips and salsa- it is so tasty! I ordered a burrito- it came out fast and was delicious. It's very big though so if you bring a guest it is a great item to split. If you get a choice of side I highly recommend the cornmeal spoon bread- it may not sound that amazing but I assure you it is. I went with a friend and the bill was under $25.00! The only problem is it gets a little addicting, I'm craving a Don Pablo's burrito right now actually.

The Stone Grille- food on a stone.

So yesterday I went to The Stone Grille for dinner. Its at 1300 Blackwood-Clementon road in Clementon, NJ. The atmosphere is nice, and thats about it. They came up with their name because they cook some of their food on a stone. You only have a choice of 4 things to be cooked on the stone and it is really expensive. I ordered the pan seared crab cakes, they sounded good when I read it out loud on the menu, however when I recieved them they were as cold as ice and tasted way too fishy. I ask the server to take them back and she refused too, then I asked to see the manager and she refused to do that too. Finally, I got the manager MYSELF and he tasted the crab cakes- thought there was nothing wrong with them and gave me an attitude as well. As you can see my time at The Stone Grille was not a good one, if you decide to go I really hope yours is better.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Nifty Fifty's

Nifty Fifty's is exactly what a fifties diner would look like. It serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and the food is exceptional. They have great breakfast and the burgers are great too! The service is not that great though. The servers do not really check on you that often and when it gets busy it is hard to find them. It is a good diner if your want a fast bite to eat.

Bistro at Cherry Hill- Great dining inside a mall!

The Bistro at Cherry Hill is located right inside the Cherry Hill mall. To paint a picture- your walking through the mall and between Macy's & Nordstroms is a bar style island cafe. The bar holds about 50 people but there is additional table seating. The menu is extensive, having at least 7 pages of appetizers, pizzas, specialty sandwiches, pastas, burgers and salads. They even have a kids menu. The Bistro is reasonably priced maybe a little pricey for some though. The food is fresh and delicious. The pizza is even made fresh- you can see the chefs preparing the dough! I would definitely recommend this place to everyone, especially if your in the mall!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seasons 52- A different menu for each season!

So today I went to a restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ. Its called Seasons 52. The atmosphere was great, almost like a five star restaurant and the entrees were very affordable. They do not have an extensive menu but everything we ordered came out delicious- and fast too! When I went I ordered three small plates, a sushi roll and 2 desserts and the bill was only $34.00! Speaking of dessert, all Seasons 52 desserts are considered "small indulgences" its like a mini portion of your favorite dessert. They were amazing! I would definitely give this place a try- every season!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fogo de Chao- all the meat you could possibly eat!

Fogo de Chao is an authentic Brazilian steakhouse, located at 1337 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia. It also has other locations around the United States. It is certainly a 5 star restaurant. It is a bit pricy though- at $50 a person for dinner, but it does go a long way. This restaurant is like a fancy buffet. The salad bar is exquisite, having only the finest cuts of meats and cheeses along with a variety of salads. My favorite item at the salad bar is the apple raison salad. Then after the salad bar you return to your seat (a waiter is always there to pull your chair out for you when your about to sit down) and there is a red and green sided coaster. Once you flip it to green the meat starts coming! "Gauchos" start bringing you the individual, excellently seasoned, meats on the menu which are, Top Sirloin, Filet Mignon, Rib Eye, Bottom Sirloin, Beef Ribs, Pork Ribs, Lamb Chops, bacon wrapped Chicken Breasts, Pork Loin encrusted with parmesan cheese and Sausage. All the meats are so juicy and tender. Your meal also includes an endless amount of side dishes including warm cheese bread, crispy polenta, mashed potatoes and caramelized bananas. There is nothing bad to say about this place, the atmosphere is great, the food is superb & never ending!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Venuto's- Build your own sandwiches and wraps!

You might have heard of this place before- or probably have eaten here already because "Venuto's Old World Pizza" is one of the more popular chain restaurants around Philadelphia. When I went there today I ordered my "special" wrap that I made up myself while on a vacation in Ocean City, NJ last summer. It's a chicken tender wrap with lettuce, ranch, and cheddar cheese. Not only was it made... PERFECTLY, it was also ready so fast. I barely waited. All their wraps are made to order, so you can put together any combination you want! Their pizza (which is what their known for) is actually pretty good too. I'm originally from New York so nothing compares to a good slice of Brooklyn pizza, but this certainly comes close. "Venuto's Old World Pizza" is affordable, tasty and has an extensive menu. So if your in the area and want a quick, affordable and delectable meal give it a try- or another!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So today I went to Tomo Sushi. Its located at 806 Delsea Drive N in Glassboro, NJ. This is one of the best sushi restaurants I've ever eaten at. Everything was great and I absolutely love the atmosphere here! The staff is so cheerful and pleasant. The food is fresh, well presented and delicious! And is also very affordable. I ordered off of the "all you can eat" menu, which has an extensive list of appetizers, salads, sashimi and sushi. If your in the area I absolutely suggest that you give this place a try!

-clear soup
-boston roll
-dynamite roll
-pepper tuna
-ice cream tempura

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To new beginnings...

Hey all, I'm Brittani [Adams] and I am a sophomore at Rowan University. If you've never heard of this school, it's probably because it is in the middle of nowhere in a small town in southern New Jersey, known as Glassboro. Anyway, surprisingly there [are] a ton of restaurants around this area and I'm on a hunt to find the best ones. I'm obsessed with food[,] but act like a baby when it comes to trying new things- that's something that is definitely going to have to change! I'm going to review all different types of restaurants and tell you what I think, this should be interesting. I'm hoping not to try anything too crazy, but I guess well see. [I am] looking forward to this.