Thursday, September 23, 2010

Venuto's- Build your own sandwiches and wraps!

You might have heard of this place before- or probably have eaten here already because "Venuto's Old World Pizza" is one of the more popular chain restaurants around Philadelphia. When I went there today I ordered my "special" wrap that I made up myself while on a vacation in Ocean City, NJ last summer. It's a chicken tender wrap with lettuce, ranch, and cheddar cheese. Not only was it made... PERFECTLY, it was also ready so fast. I barely waited. All their wraps are made to order, so you can put together any combination you want! Their pizza (which is what their known for) is actually pretty good too. I'm originally from New York so nothing compares to a good slice of Brooklyn pizza, but this certainly comes close. "Venuto's Old World Pizza" is affordable, tasty and has an extensive menu. So if your in the area and want a quick, affordable and delectable meal give it a try- or another!

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