Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Stone Grille- food on a stone.

So yesterday I went to The Stone Grille for dinner. Its at 1300 Blackwood-Clementon road in Clementon, NJ. The atmosphere is nice, and thats about it. They came up with their name because they cook some of their food on a stone. You only have a choice of 4 things to be cooked on the stone and it is really expensive. I ordered the pan seared crab cakes, they sounded good when I read it out loud on the menu, however when I recieved them they were as cold as ice and tasted way too fishy. I ask the server to take them back and she refused too, then I asked to see the manager and she refused to do that too. Finally, I got the manager MYSELF and he tasted the crab cakes- thought there was nothing wrong with them and gave me an attitude as well. As you can see my time at The Stone Grille was not a good one, if you decide to go I really hope yours is better.

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